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Eric Gomez

Eric Gomez

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Editor/Writer, Event Promoter, Graphic/Web Design, Marketing Firm, Media Outlet, Media Producer, Music Artist, Record Label, Sound Engineer, Talent Management

Biographical Information

Eric Gomez is a professional independant music label owner and web designer with various facets of resources in the indie music and media outlets. His experience with top brands in online brand marketing such as Saatchi, Proctor & Gamble, Loreal, and have given him sufficient experience to help any team trying to accomplish great impacts in the marketplace.

As an artist he can be booked for shows needing Hip Hop with positively-driven messages.

As a consultant, he can provide key components of advice for sound, music bookings, marketing, and project management.

As a web designer, his team creates overall logo and branding design as well as websites that make a GREAT IMPRESSION.

Contact Information

Home: 7212 Kendall Heath Way
Land O Lakes, FL 34637 US

Cell: 813-495-8292

Brands & Businesses

Business: HeadNOKKA Media Group, Inc.
Business: Push Creative Group

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