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After completing college in Montreal, Dominic Dufort obtained a diploma in fine arts, followed by a second diploma in fashion design. Through his innovative vision and the remarkable quality of his work, he was selected to attend the prestigious creative laboratory of Saga Furs Design Centre in Vedbæk, Denmark. Since 1988, the institution has invited the biggest names in fashion to its famous seminars.
With training in both innovation and specialized fur techniques, Dominic Dufort applied his creative intuition, attention to detail and business acumen to launch his fashion design company, Ukiuq Design. He went on to design lines of clothing and accessories trimmed with fur. Ukiuq Design was awarded a grant from the Quebec government through the Young Entrepreneurs program. Thanks to his exclusive hand-knit furs and fur appliqués, Dominic Dufort was named a finalist in the 2002 Quebec Entrepreneurship contest. His natural talent for design also garnered his company a grant in recognition of its excellence from the I Start My Own Business and Ensure the Next Generation contest held by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.
In 1999, Casabawa Imports recruited Dominic Dufort, where he rapidly rose to the position of Head Designer for his bold artistic inspirations. For eight years, he oversaw the company’s major trends, traveling to India to source a remarkable selection of fabrics and accessories. He then went on to design their collections. Modeled on the runways of the Montreal International Fashion Center, these lines stood out for their elegance and were distributed throughout North America. In 2007, Dominic Dufort joined the R.D. International team as Senior Designer, designing numerous collections for men and women. Prolific and versatile, he has created many unique collections for the company that have appeared in influential North American fashion magazines and are carried in shops and boutiques alongside the biggest names in the fashion industry.

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Home: 1405 N Sunrise Way
Palm Springs, California 92262 US

Home: 1-760-424-8581

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Business: Hedge

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